Season 03 Episode 07 of SO WHAT’S NEW? Podcast Released

This is our seventh SO WHAT’S NEW? show for 2018 (brought to you by VentraIP Australia) in which we showcase some of the new Up & Coming / New / Independent bands that have been added to the CAPITAL ROCK RADIO (the station formerly known as Undiscovered Rock Radio) playlists in the months of July & August!

Make sure you check out the band links we’ve provided & check out all their releases!

The Track listing is as follows:

01 Kaven (Toronto, Ontario) – Sunrise
02 Black Orchid Empire (London, UK) – Celebrity Summer
03 Deathbeat (Melbourne, Australia) – Clouds are Gone
04 Why Another (Boston, Massachusetts) – Only at Night
05 Gaupa (Falun, Sweden) – The Drunk Autopussy wants to Fight You
06 Big Durty (Hamilton, Ontario) – Doom Buggy
07 Blunderpuss (Canterbury, UK) – Nailbomb
08 House of Faces (London, UK) – Want to be Yours
09 The Limiters (The Hague, Netherlands) – Short Term Memory
10 The Evergreen Drive (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – At War With Myself
11 Ooraloo (Chicago, Illinois) – City Bunny
12 Dirty Fuss (Nashville, Tennessee) – Hold Me Down
13 Baronaqua (Melbourne, Australia) – Sandtrap 
14 Electric Mud (Springe / Hannover, Germany) – Black Dog
15 Cheridomingo (Simi Valley, California) – Weeze 

Please note: The Band-Song introduction recordings were created before the change of station name to Capital Rock Radio.