Season 03 Episode 08 of SO WHAT’S NEW? Podcast Released

This is our eighth SO WHAT’S NEW? show for 2018 (brought to you by VentraIP Australia) in which we showcase some of the new Up & Coming / New / Independent bands that have been added to the CAPITAL ROCK RADIO (the station formerly known as Undiscovered Rock Radio) playlists in the months of September & October!

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The Tracklisting is as follows:

01 Daeodon (Louisville, Kentucky, USA) – Media Mask
02 Death & The Penguin (London, UK) – Kill Saatchi
03 Fire Down Below (Ghent, Belgium) – Saviour of Man
04 Rare Americans (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Wake Up
05 Superseed (Bristol, UK) – My Time is Now
06 Kint (Modena, Italy) – Blonde
07 uSSSy (Moscow, Russian Federation) – Elephants Riot
08 Swamp Hawk (Lexington, Kentucky, USA) – Widows, Witches & Woe
09 Wet Bandits (Wellington, New Zealand) – Loose Change
10 St.Dude (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) – X The Eliminator
11 Black Elephant (Savona, Italy) – Walking Dead
12 Navy Gangs (Brooklyn, New York, USA) – One Alone

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Produced by Drop D Digital
Background Music by Superseed – Uneasy Swarm (from their Superseed LP)




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