If your tune/s are selected from our submission, you will automatically qualify for our optional Ultimate Exposure Package.

If you have selected Yes to whether you’d be interested in our Ultimate Exposure Package on our Contact Form, we will send out an invoice via email to get things rolling.

For only $7 USD, this package consists of one of your tunes being;
  • Selected to appear in our New Releases Playlists.
    Before the song is played, host Drop D will introduce the band (reading a short bio) & the album release title + note our listeners where to go online to find out more about the artist/album (website). A New Release Song is randomly selected every 20-25 mins 24/7 around the clock on CapitalRockRadio.
  • Selected to appear in our SO WHATS NEW? Playlists.
    The same file (Drop D Intro + Song) is added to our SO WHATS NEW? playlists which is scheduled to play EVERY DAY at 1pm (AEDT). This is a playlist made up of the same New Releases as the playlist above but it randomly selects up to 15 tracks at random for a one hour show. The SO WHATS NEW? playlist will consist of between 20-25 tracks (sometimes less) so there is always a good chance that your tune will feature numerous times on SO WHATS NEW? in any given week.
  • Selected for our monthly SO WHATS NEW? Podcast
    After approx 3 months, the New Release file is then moved to our SO WHATS NEW? podcasts where it is heard to our podcast subscribers & followers. The song itself is also added back into our regular playlists (without the intro).Additional
  • A 10 min Band Interview to air on our DROP D TALKS TO… segment (optional).
    Capital Rock Radio will schedule an interview with the band or a band member to discuss their new album release, tour & future plans. This gives the band a chance to provide more information to our audience. After airing on our Drop D Talks To… segment, our interviews are also added/embedded to our website and these links are shared via social media.
Please note, costs charged to help with the ongoing costs of running our station, hosting our podcasts and maintaining our website. It’s basically a form of a donation to the station however we offer the Ultimate Exposure package in return, as thanks.